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What Can Visionary Do For You?

"With the right support, any vision can be achieved"

Teacher and Student
Team Meeting

Respite Supports

VSS works with individuals and families looking for in-home supports/respite support. VSS aims to provide for the needs of individuals & families, meeting both group and individual goals. Some of these services can be working on social skills, overcoming anxiety, programming, and much more. With our respite supports we work with the government of Canada and partnering agencies for some funding to help families who may need this service.

Staffing Supports

VSS provides agency support. VSS aims to collaborate with different agencies and provide them with fully trained, qualified, and educated support workers to help manage behavioral needs and/or mental health concerns. Some of the settings we provide staff for, but are not limited to, are: Group Homes, Foster Homes, Hospital Settings, Youth Justice/Secure Treatment Programs

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