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The Story of Visionary

Visionary Support Services (VSS) is a staffing agency established during the peak of the pandemic. At this time there was a noticable increase in mental health concerns that became more apparent, but there has been a lack of staffing and supports being provided to the community. Agencies were forced to operate short-staffed, without adequate support for external staffing. VSS provides this external staffing support. Our hand selected staff provide reputable supports for youth with behavioral concerns and mental health diagnosis. 

VSS has a focus on two types of supports:

The first type of support VSS provides is agency support. VSS aims to collaborate with different agencies and provide them with fully trained, qualified, and educated support workers to help manage behavioral needs and/or mental health concerns. Some of the settings we provide staff for, but are not limited to, are:

- Group Homes
- Foster Homes

- Hospital Settings

- Youth Justice/Secure Treatment Programs

The second type of support VSS provides is community respite support. VSS works with individuals and families looking for in-home supports/respite support. VSS aims to provide for the needs of individuals & families, meeting both group and individual goals.


With over 10+ years of experience working with clients of all ages with a primary focus on youth (ages 10-21),  VSS is familiar with working with individuals with dual/multiple diagnosis to provide skills and care plans to support both the individual and their families. At VSS we provide exceptionally skilled, professional & experienced staff in both of our stream lines.

Some of the diagnosis we may work with, but are not limited to, are:

- Anxiety
- Autism/ASD

- Borderline Personality Disorder

- Depression
- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/ FASD

- Opposition Defiance Disorder/ODD

- Psychosis
and much more.

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