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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here, feel free to reach us at our contact page so we can help !

What qualifications are required for Visionary Support Services?

Everyone working for Visionary Support Services are required to show proof of the following:
Minimum of 3 years experience working within the field

Copy of Degree or Diploma within related field
Copy of document confirming eligibility to legally work in Canada
Copy of First Aid/CPR certification
CPIC with Vulnerable Sector Screening
Medical Declaration
Driver’s License
Automobile Insurance
Safe Management Group or Crisis Prevention Intervention Blue Card

Does Visionary Support Services only work with Child & Adolescents?

No, Visionary Support Services provides support staff to clients of all ages. With most of our staff having previous experiences that range from Child & Adolescent to Elderly. Our staff take contracts based on what they feel most comfortable with and what previous experiences they have that will best support all agencies, clients, and families.

What are the benefits of using Visionary Support Services?

Visionary Support Services requires all staff to be educated, experienced, and properly trained in order to provide support to any clients. We hand select individuals we feel are best fit for each contract given out based on a number of factors. This includes behavioral management experiences, mental health exposure and crisis de-escalation skills. Once Visionary receives a contract we look through our skilled staffing to see what makes the most sense for the needs of the individual to best achieve all short term and long term goals.

Can I still have Visionary Support Services if I want to pay privately?

Of course ! If you have a loved one or family member you are looking to receive services and supports for, we will work with you to achieve all goals. We begin by discussing how often support might be required and how long of a contract you wish to purchase. Minimum of 4 hours a week for 8 weeks. No maximum. After this is determined we pick the times that work best for you. The final step is setting goals or deciding the purpose of the support provided. Whether you are receiving funding or decide to take this on privately, we are here to work with clients of all ages for 1-1 or 2-1 support.

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